Melanie Durham - REALTOR ®

Mill Pond Realty

Melanie Durham's journey in the real estate industry began at an early age, deeply rooted in the family business. From the humble tasks of stapling and filing papers to answering phone calls and crafting marketing materials, Melanie has been intricately involved in every aspect of the business throughout the years.

After her time at DePaul University in Chicago, Melanie embarked on a transformative journey to Sydney, Australia, where she obtained her Real Estate license and immersed herself in Property Management. Since 2005, Melanie has been a licensed Realtor at Mill Pond Realty, seamlessly blending her international experience and expertise into her role.

With a fervent passion for Vacation Rental Management, Melanie thrives on assisting property owners in maximizing their investments while ensuring a delightful experience for rental guests during their holidays. Her dedication extends to identifying properties with exceptional rental potential, showcasing her keen eye for opportunity.

Melanie is actively involved in numerous industry organizations and often shares her wealth of knowledge at conferences and international forums, drawing from her extensive years of experience and insights.

As a third-generation real estate professional, Melanie's affinity for the business runs deep. She derives immense joy from traveling the world and exploring captivating destinations, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes. Melanie's unwavering commitment to excellence and her steadfast dedication to the family business epitomize her profound connection to the industry and her enduring passion for serving clients and guests alike.